Monday, August 4, 2008


Well, I'm going to steal a page from Becky Beck's posting and give a quick rundown of us. About 5 years ago Kimmy and I were set up on a blind date by her aunt, who even gave me a warning about what I was getting into, and the rest is history. We laughed in the face of bad signs, got married and became a family on Friday the 13th, and a week later the twins turned 2 years old. Life's never been the same for either of us.

Now even though they're twins (6), Karter will point out that he's 4 minutes older. He's our comedian and tease that has us constantly on the move. Karter's got an awesome bat from the right side of the plate, and he's coming along on the left side, and a great arm. But thanks to not wanting to suffer through anymore T-ball, we've found that he's a good soccer player too.

Kaitlynn's our princess, girly as girls get. This has been a learning experience to her dad who only had brothers, but a dream come true to her Grandma Janie who only had these boys. She's been dancing for the past couple of years but has recently informed us of her momentary retirement to pursue violin. One thing's for sure, the girl is dedicated. She might change her mind frequently, but whatever she's set out to do, she goes all out.

Kamden (20 months) is our little monster. While he's not yet one the charts for weight, and barely on it for height, he managed to durability test most things in our house (including his skull) to their limit, and climb to the top of all free standing objects. He also has an excelent set of lungs and vocal cords, but his little sense of humor and laugh gets him out of trouble everytime.

Kimmy, months older than, but much younger looking than me, is the life of our party. She's loving our new house and 99% of everything that she picked out for it. I think she likes being able to turn the kids loose downstairs and/or outside and then shutting the door for a few the most. She is the queen of discount and working out deals. Recently she got us season passes to the Kearns rec center where her and the kids now spend the summer swimming and becoming a different race than me. Always having fun.

I'm now in engineering with a start up Bio-Tech company which was totally over my head to begin with, but now loving every day of it. I'm loving our new house almost as much as not being on call every other day, and getting my weekends back, and being able to do things like go see some Yankees games with my brothers, and hanging with Kimmy and the midgets.

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